About Habbibi Consulting, LLC

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Habbibi Consulting, LLC, is different.  For one thing, we have two focuses, that really do actually complement each other quite well.  We are on the cutting edge in both fields, and have no intention on leaving.

In one, we offer conscientious advice to investors big and small, providing an unbiased approach in understanding what their investments actually do.  In today’s world, it is not enough for an investment to make good profits, but instead for many conscientious investors, it is just as important that an investment actually do good.  In doing so, we go beyond the broadly-traded funds and provide a custom breakdown of each investor’s portfolio based on his/her worldview, allowing the investor to coordinate with the chosen financial professional.  Any worldview, custom built for each client.

In the other, we are the only firm dedicated to an unbiased approach to Islamic culture through Islamic law.  While other groups tend to paint Islamic law as something in need of replacement, we understand that for more than 1.4 billion people around the globe, Islamic law is a way of life.  As such, we help NGOs, businesses, and others work within that framework, often helping them find along the way that their goals become much easier, due to both the considerable latitude present within the law, as well as the increased camaraderie with local partners as a result of the intrinsic respect shown by working in the local mindset.

You may be asking how these two could possibly aid in understanding the other.  Simply put, Islam remains the largest ethically-based source of financial law, while few investors’ worldviews are shaped by anything more than their religion.  Our insights on how a Baptist may approach a prohibition on alcohol in her investments may provide new insight into how a business doing business in Dubai should better appreciate local restrictions on alcohol there.

Kevin Newton and Kait Oglesby, the founders of Habbibi Consulting, LLC, feel that the time is now for changes, both in finance and in the general approach to the financial world’s second biggest customer, the Islamic world.  Frankly, we see the financial marketplace not only as a place of monetary profit, but as a system that can offer a marketplace aside from the world of hedge funds and short-sales.  Kait has considerable business acumen, while Kevin brings significant experience with Abrahamic religious law and its intersection with finance.  Supporting them is a considerable network of consultants, ranging from economists to pastors to scientists, all ready to dissect exactly what a particular security does.